Solar Farms

Large-scale solar facility operators can spend thousands of man hours inspecting, identifying and isolating faulty, dirty or shaded solar panels.


With Thermographic inspections we can Identify the hot spots with the utmost accuracy and can generate data for a perfect match. The Thermographic photos provide the exact condition of the Solar farm and help identify the panels with critical issues.This operation and maintenance work is expensive and time consuming to carry out thus impacting on the competitiveness of solar energy pricing. The solar industry continues to grow, large-scale solar facilities will become more common and will have to optimise their operation and maintenance budgets in order to compete. By using our UAVs, solar farm operators can get low-cost, real-time inspection data, geospatially organised, together with an asset tracking user platform. Multi-rotor UAVs, can be flown autonomously over solar fields using pre-programmed GPS waypoints. This enables the capture of both visual and thermal infra-red imagery, allowing the identification of hot spots, glass cracks, shading, etc. The sensors used by our UAVs can detect interconnection problems or highlight defective diodes.