Drones in agriculture is the future of farming


As we head into July, growers across the Northern Hemisphere are busy monitoring the growth of their crops, applying nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides, and beginning to estimate their yields for the season. More and more of them are using drones to help them gather information — and when we talk to these growers, there are a certain questions we hear a lot.. How can we help them.


With our drone’s we can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight. Without the cost and hassle of manned services. At a far greater resolution than satellite imagery provides, even when there is cloud cover. By using our imaging processing software we can then transform these shots and apply algorithms like Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to this image and you create a reflectance map of your crop. This map is the key to boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving your business forwards. It highlights exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – a quicker and more cost effective option.