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This summer it is no doubt that drones will be part of many of the nation’s weddings. We predict that more drones than ever will be flown above wedding venues. There is nothing wrong with this, as wedding couples look for a unique way to capture their big day. However all wedding venues, before agreeing to a drone at the location, must ask drone pilots for the following:

1.Ask for a copy of the drone pilot’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission.

2.Ask for a copy of their commercial drone insurance / public liability

Anybody that allows an illegal pilot to fly at their wedding venue is putting guests and the building at risk of injury and property damage. If things go wrong, an illegal drone pilot, will not be insured. Both CAA permissions and drone insurance are mandatory for anybody receiving financial gain for a drone job.

UK law says that anybody operating a drone commercially must possess both CAA permission and public liability insurance. It is a criminal offence to use a drone for paid work without valid CAA permission and commercial insurance. Without a copy of these documents it is possible that wedding venue owners may be liable to prosecution if something serious goes wrong.

Most importantly ask for a copy of both these documents. Do not take anybody’s word for it. Any legal commercial drone operator would have no hesitation in providing these documents upon request.

Perhaps a drone pilot already is flying at your venue? Now is the time to check their pilot credentials and protect the safety of your patrons.

Drones in the right hands provide amazing results and help capture unique aerial imagery at weddings. However drones in the wrong hands could very well ruin the day if something goes wrong.


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