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Drones are saving roofing companies thousands of hours in preliminary work by helping them to deliver superior roof repair quotes with incredible accuracy. An aerial survey can quickly visually pinpoint and record the exact remedial work that is required. Showing a customer the actual roof damage builds confidence.

Drones reduce costs, save time and improve safety in the workplace.

Walsall Housing Group (WHG), a Midland’s housing association, claims using drones saves their business around £20,000 a year by allowing it to inspect roofs without erecting scaffolding.

The quality of the aerial imagery that commercial drone pilots are delivering to their clients is astounding. Technology is improving all the time. Zoom cameras can deliver incredible close up 4K quality video and ultra high definition photo images.


Storm damage, water leakage and missing tiles are just a few roof issues that an aerial inspection can help identify. Performing an aerial inspection of the property’s roof can highlight issues before they deteriorate more.



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