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Hiring a drone operator in 2018

This year, undoubtedly, we will see even more drones taking to the UK’s skies than ever. Drones are helping businesses save time, money and operate safer in the workplace… More properties will be inspected; more houses will be aerial photographed; more land will be mapped and surveyed. We’ll see more drones pushing the creative boundaries on our TV screens.

The benefits that drones are already bringing to the UK’s economy are staggering. Drone usage is expanding into new markets rapidly and the story has only just begun.

But…….Here lies the problem…

The UK is awash with illegal drone operators

By law anybody operating their drone commercially i.e. charging for the service MUST have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and hold valid commercial insurance.

This law is blatantly and knowingly being flouted by irresponsible and unsafe illegal drone operators. Drone Safe Register™ (DSR) believes there could be more illegal drone pilots operating in the UK than legal pilots. Sadly, it is evident that illegal drone pilots know exactly what they are doing BUT are still charging companies for aerial ‘work’.

A trained eye will always be able to tell if an aerial footage clip is illegal. Airing illegal footage will instantly discredit your production. It tells your customers / viewers, your company, is not concerned about drone safety.

If you are a business and you hire a non CAA approved drone operator, you are putting your company reputation at risk. If things go wrong, you could also (along with the offending illegal pilot) be held liable for the property damage or personal injury.

When hiring a drone pilot ALWAYS ask for a copy of the pilot’s CAA approval (PFCO) and commercial insurance documents. Keep copies of each on file.

If you are a business that contracts drone operators, please help keep the UK’s airspace safe by hiring a legal pilot.

All CAA approved drone pilots have undergone training and have been assessed to ensure their drone piloting competency skills comply with the UK’s aviation rules and regulations.

These aviation rules have been set to keep the public safe from harm and property from damage. A drone in the wrong hands can cause serious damage or worse put lives at risk. Drones can fly at speeds in excess of 50 mph and weigh up to 20 kg.

They can fly (illegally) over 7 km away from the pilot, Make sure you’re covered when you hire a drone pilot.

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