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Roof Inspection with drones

This week one of our jobs included a roof inspection for a client, there has been a surge in popularity and the widespread use of UAVs or drones as most people now call them. Besides them being used for artistic videography, search and rescue, perhaps one of the most obvious and benefiting applications for them has been in the field of aerial surveys and roof inspections.

Key benefits include:

  • No need for expensive cranes or scaffolding rigs
  • View areas that are not normally reachable
  • Easily provide photographic evidence on work that is required
  • Identify potential problems
  • Environmental monitoring
  • View areas of interest which ground surveys can’t
  • Before and after comparisons
  • Extremely efficient
  • No disruption to the customer
  • Minimising risk and danger

So, as you can see there are so many benefits of a drone roof survey, and once you have seen one in action on site, it’s hard to imagine conducting a traditional inspection again.

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