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Staying on the right side of the Law

Small unmanned aircrafts are now widely available for commercial use, these are more commonly known as drones. They are subject to specific safety rules relating to the way they are operated, which are underpinned by CAA law. If they are not used responsibly they can cause injury or damage.

The regulations are contained within the Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO 2016). There are some specific additional steps that must be taken if a drone is being flown for commercial operations. There has been a few cases so far of drone owners being prosecuted for operating outside the CAA laws which can result in large fines.

Many people are using drones for fun, without insurance and with no professional training or knowledge of the safety guidelines and correct procedures as laid out by the Civil Aviation Authority which are potentially putting others at risk.

On 1st May 2016 a permanent ban on drones was put in place at Anmer and the Sandringham Estate area, this restriction of 1.5Nm covers Dersingham, Flitcham,  and West Newton.