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Why estate agents should be using drones

Drones are continuing to grow at a fast rate as more and more companies realise the benefits of using drones in different ways. Drones are being used to make life easier to photograph or film hard to reach places. One way that drones are currently being used is to provide aerial footage of different types of property and their surroundings.

Many estate agents have used video to film a virtual tour of a property interior for many years, so using a drone for aerial filming seems the natural progression.

Drones can provide potential customers with a new perspective on the property and they can even view how the property sits within its surroundings

The idea is that the drone provides an aerial tour of the property and its grounds that was impossible to achieve before. This is commonly used for larger properties and allows estate agents to further market the property.

Video has become a hugely popular in todays society and through social media people choose to watch a video than read about an event.

Here at Skyz the Limit we can offer you a promotional video of your property or about your company that can give you the edge over your competitors.

If you are an estate agent or a company owner looking for something different, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Skyz the Limit to ask how we can help you. It costs nothing to ask the question.